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Any images – Annual Credit Report (photographs, graphs, and charts) in the paper must be equipped with caption / title of the image and the image number sequence, which is written in Under the image at the center position with the font Times New Roman 10 pt. For example: "Figure 1. Evolution of the temperature (T) on the cylinder wall due to the influence of wind flow velocity (V o)". Figure quoted in the paper as "Figure 1" or "Figure 4 and 5". The images can be created in color or black and white. Please avoid drawing or photograph (image) of the dominant dark colored thick, to menghin from obscurity journal printing. Journal will be printed in black and white but softfile will be uploaded to the website in the Engineering Journal Itenas color display (full color) according to the original file.

To avoid the mistake of writing your paper, we suggest to directly use the writing format to write this document. Stay delete the contents of this writing instructions, but please save as first line with the name of the requested file in .doc format (Compatibility Mode). If you experience difficulty, Tim Journal will help and clarify. Wa greetings and hopefully this guide is useful for the pen ulis.

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Flow control is a technique to ensure that a sending station does not overwhelm the receiving station with the data. Typically receiving station will provide a data buffer with a certain length. When data is received, he had to do a few poses before he can clear the buffer and prepare for the next data reception.

A simple form of control flow known as stop and wait, he works as follows. Recipients indicated that he is ready to receive data by sending sebual poll